Design for humans

Designsixthsense is an idea based on human-centric design.

Solutions that are easily adaptable by humans and provide a delightful experience are true solutions.

Hello I am Sukhdev as an individual I have been designing digital products and brand identity for almost a decade. Now as a team under the D6S brand I am working with some great 🧠 & 🤍 to solve the real problem that hinders connectivity between solutions and Humans. But above all, we're here to have fun :) Read more about us

Check out our work below.

Brand identity

Mango Chutney

Website and App Design


Corporate Branding


Logo Design

Best Guard

Branding - Website Design

Top Legal

Website - Logo Design

Nayyar Immigration


Stoned Pizzeria

Branding - Website - Mobile App


Logo - Website


Landing Page - Backend

Across Fashion

We possess extensive expertise in Brand Identity, Product Design, User Interface, and User Experience Design, allowing us to create impactful solutions that resonate with your target audience.

We create a design language for brands that deeply communicates with their audience. Branding gives the feel and sense of the true value of a brand, the stronger your branding is the more memorable your brand will be.
From inception to completion we take care all the aspects of product design like Research, Brainstorm, Design, Prototypes and Testing. We design digital products that meet specific market needs and solve user problems.
Sometimes, a bad interface gives the user a tough time figuring out how a product works. We design beautiful, yet user-friendly interfaces that are easily adaptable.
UX design guarantees a delightful client journey while using the product or service. We design and define the user experience journey from start to end and ensure customer satisfaction.
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Together magic happens!

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